Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Day

 Well the turkey came to our house but our trap didn't catch it. Maybe next time. He did leave them a dancing turkey and some candy corn. Mikyn and Carsen was so excited they got up at 2:00am to see if the turkey came. I had to go out and sent them back to bed.
 We had Turkey dinner at grandma and grandpas then picked up some pecans. Kit became the official turkey fryer. It was some of the best turkey we have ever had.
 We also put up all our Christmas stuff I can't believe how fast this year has gone. We are so excited for Christmas. And the elf this year Burgen named him Pumpkit. Just like his pumpkin.

Turkey and Dressing Day

 At turkey and dressing day we had so much fun. I was able to go to school and have lunch with both Mikyn and Carsen. We had a great Thanksgiving lunch. While I was there I found out that Mikyn was the student of the week for her school we are so proud of her she is such a good example for all her friends and family.
 Carsen looks so big at school. He is so friendly with all his class mates. One of the little girls looks just like his cousin Kayja and she told me that Carsen is so funny. He is he always makes us all laugh.

Happy 3rd Birthday Twins

 I can't believe my Little Men are 3 years old. We had so much fun with my mom in town. She helped so much with there party. We had a dinosaur party.
 They each got there own cupcake cake. Grandma made some cake from scratch it was so good. They had frosting grass on the top each topped with a dinosaur for the twins.
 We love singing happy birthday twice. And the twins love blowing out the candles.
They had such a good birthday. From mom and dad they got there new bunk bed with new dinosaur bedding. I love my little sors! Happy Birthday boys.

Grandma Came to town.

 We were so excited to find out that Grandma was coming. I surprised her and took her to get our feet done. I am so lucky to have my mom. She is the best in the world and I wouldn't ever want another one.

It was so fun we haven't had our feet done in a good year. We had the peppermint massage done. Because it is Christmas time. I love you mom.


 For Halloween we had lots of activities. There was one at the kids school where they had tones of games and Mikyn won a goldfish she named it Olivia.
 For our Church activity Kit dressed up as Fit Romney I loved it he was so funny. It was so nice to let the kids play games and trick or treat at the primary doors.
 Mikyn was Bat girl She was so cute.
 Carsen was Iron man. He loves his super heroes.

Pumpkin Carving

 Well it was time to carve the pumpkins. Rowen loved it. We let them take markers and draw faces and then Kit and I carved them out.
 Mikyn likes it now but she would not touch the pumpkin poop when she was little. So you guessed it Burgen wouldn't touch it. And when he did he needed something fast to wash his hands. Those to are so much alike.
 Carsen always has such cute pumpkins his are different every year. And they always have silly eyes.
I love the holidays. And so do the kids they look forward to all the fun things we do as a family.

Happy 6th Birthday Carsen

 Well Carsen is now 6 years old. I can't believe it. He told me I could choose what kind of party he would have so we had an Angry Birds party. He loved it. I put everything up while he was at school so when he got home he was so excited.
 We had one of each of the birds. I found the printables and put them on all the balloons. They turned out so cute.
 All he wanted to eat was Mellow Mushroom pizza. Then when I got home with it he said "oh good you got pizza hut" funny kid!
Grandma Mattie got him his birthday cake. He loved it. For his presents he got lots of Legos, money, and a blue 3ds he has wanted one for so long. Mikyn tryed so hard to get him to go to chucky cheese but he wanted it so bad he decided he just wanted dinner and cake. Smart man he learned early. We love you Carsen Happy Birthday.